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Easy Camping Meal Ideas

Easy Camping Meal Ideas

Make this your go-to list for easy campsite meal ideas.

Why does it always feel so hard to figure out what to make for meals when camping? No matter how many camping trips I plan, or how frequently I go camping, it’s always a struggle to decide what to make. If you’re like me in this way, this list of campsite meal ideas will make your life easier.

The best camping meal is a perfect combination of a few things. It has to be easy to make, somewhat healthy, and deliciously satisfying. I’ve put together some ideas for the best camping meals that check all of these boxes. 

If you have go-to camping meals not on this list, leave a comment and let us know!

Pro Tip: If you have time, prep your veggies and anything else that needs chopping before you leave for the camping trip. Not having to cut them up at the campsite saves so much time. And, don’t forget your basic essentials: butter or oil & salt and pepper.

Breakfast camping ideas:

Here’s a list of ideas for camping breakfasts, with a range of how much effort and planning they take to prepare.

  1. Yogurt with fruit, peanut butter, and something crunchy (granola, cereal etc.)
  2. Eggs and Bacon
  3. Oatmeal packets with fruit and peanut butter
  4. Campfire toast with peanut butter + banana
  5. Overnight oats
  6. Veggie and egg scramble

Lunch + Snack camping ideas:

Usually you’ll want to make something in the morning to take with you on daytime adventures. Here are some ideas that will pack well and give you energy!

  1. PB&J or PB & Banana sandwich
  2. Sandwich or wrap with deli meat, cheese, lettuce and mustard
  3. Beef jerky, cheese and crackers
  4. Protein bars
  5. Fruit
  6. Mini carrots, mini bell peppers, mini cucumbers 
Woman cooking dinner while camping in the desert on a grill with camping gear and van in the background

Dinner camping ideas:

Dinner is definitely the best camping meal. There’s nothing like a hot, filling dinner after an exhausting day outdoors!

  1. Mac and cheese with broccoli mixed in (Annie’s white cheddar shells forever)
  2. Sausages with onions, peppers, and other veggies
  3. Tacos in a bag: add taco meat and other toppings into a crushed up bag of tortilla chips, Doritos or Fritos (or throw everything into a bowl)
  4. Burgers, brats, or rotisserie chicken with a bagged salad kit
  5. Tofu scrambled with veggies
  6. Pasta with tomato sauce, ground beef and shredded cheese

Group of people sitting on a log while camping. Women petting dog while man builds fire. Bikes, Pika Products packing cubes and camping gear in the background.


Meals while camping don’t have to be much different than what you’d make at home, but you’ll thank yourself for keeping it easy, healthy, and delicious. I hope these campsite meal ideas are helpful and delicious! Also, don’t forget dessert - s’mores, obviously. 

Dog sitting on camping chair in the desert next to a bike and three Pika Products packing cubes

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